Friday, 19 February 2010

Knit your own "fur" coat

A knitted "fur" coat pattern from Woman's Friend magazine, May 7th 1932, page 5.

This charming little pattern was found in a very cheap 1930s women's magazine, printed on (by now) crumbly newsprint.

The idea of knitting a humble little jacket to imitate fur must have had considerable appeal in the hard years of the Depression. And since the instructions look rather brief, I'm assuming its a very simple jacket to make - I can't knit unfortunately so I'm no expert on this.

Click on the picture for a larger version, please print it off with my pleasure, and if you do try to make it I'd love to see the result! You might not be able to source Patons and Baldwins' "Beehive" "Feather Wool" these days, but I'm sure there's a nicely furry modern equivalent yarn that will do.


Sam Roberts said...

The mention of 'Beehive' reminded me of this ghostsign in Poole, one that will be featured in the archive when it launches next month.

Sarah said...

Thanks Sam! That is a happy coincidence.

And I'm avidly following your progress with the ghostsign archive, especially since I contributed a few pictures under my flickr alias Trevira!

For those not familiar with Sam's fantastic project, I urge you to visit his website.

Sam Roberts said...

Thanks for the plug, yes the archive is progressing at a pace and before long we'll be open for business. Thanks as always for your support.

fuzzylizzie said...

I'm actually taking knitting lessons (from my 88 year old MIL!) but this is way beyonf my current capibilities. I did print it off though because I love it so much, and maybe some day...

Sarah said...

That's wonderful Lizzie! Good luck with your progress, and maybe you'll be tackling this pattern soon.

Of course I can't guarantee the results on this one - the instructions for the collar, and the actual illustration seem quite different for a start! - but it is all in one basic stitch.

I'm picturing it in a lustrous, furry pewter yarn (now I just have to find that yarn and learn how to knit!)