Monday, 16 November 2009

What could you buy for 16/5 in 1933?

You could treat yourself to a smart pair of co-respondent shoes from Saxone, delivered to your door.

But wait! I always picture this type of shoe in cream and brown, or possibly black and white if you're a bit of a flash Harry. These shoes betray their elegant half-tone illustration by being proudly offered in "Vivid green or blue" and white kid, along with those more conventional options. Can you imagine?

This advertisement was found in the July 1933 edition of The Wide World: The Magazine For Men, which is full of manly adventure stories about vicious head-hunting tribes in Ecuador, bank hold-ups in Canada, and shooting rogue elephants in the British Cameroons.

I suspect you'd have to be a particularly adventurous type of man (foolhardy, even) to wear "vivid green" and white co-respondent shoes in 1933. Or at any other time for that matter.


wastedpapiers said...

Nice blog. I will put a link on mine. Interesting to see all the things you've collected.

Sarah said...

I'm really chuffed that you've visited my new blog, wastedpapiers!

Its still at that awkward, unpredictable toddler stage, but I think the main themes are becoming apparent gradually.

Got to say, I never thought I'd take the plunge and start a blog because my life is so uninteresting - but perhaps my collections are!